Nails Divas! English version!


The topic of the beauty section today was, is and always will be the MUST HAVE for all of us fashion people! NAIL POLISH

We are so excited to talk about the new, fancy colors that will be one of our best companions in the next season! And what better way is there to celebrate the Brazilian summer or the European winter than painting your nails? We loved nothing more than checking out the new and old amazing colors to make sure they are matching with the clothes of the season! It’s smile-time for your NAILS DIVAS!

Brazilian summer 2010/2011

Do you still remember those flúor colors who were part of the last summer? Also all types of rose colors you can imagine? Well, a part of these beauties made it to the next season – only the flúor colors made space for some new brilliant stuff!! Check it out:

Nude is still a MUST HAVE in every nail polish collection! No matter which color are your clothes or shoes – nude goes with everything! So if you’re in doubt, go for NUDE!

Who would have thought that grey and black would be one of the MUST HAVEs that fit well to our sunny days? Don’t be shy, go for them!

Already making our nails glammer in 2010 they are back in 2011 – more beautiful than ever! Blue, green, violet and pink – which one is your favorite?

Do you think the dark colors from winter won’t match with summer? Maybe those shades can convince you to shake up your nail routine!

Our toes will shine in liquid metallic shades like gold, silver and bronze!

Did you already hear of ‘Holográficos’! They change color as soon as the sun comes out – great effects and more glimmer shines than ever! WOWWW

Very personalized combinations with designs and paintings giving your nails an amazing, outstanding touch of glamour! Here we present you the new collection ‘Glam Slam’ by the tennis star Serena Williams. The Glam Slam collection will run in conjunction with the Australian Open (January), French Open (May), Wimbledon (June) and the US Open (August), with two shades debuting with each competition. Can’t wait it!

*Hot tip for DIVASInterestingly the trend used in Europe in winter 2010/2011 afterwards goes to BRAZIL! So it’s worth taking a look on what’s going on in the northern hemisphere to be prepared for the next season! We will keep you up to date!

Europe winter 2010/2011

Our cold days will be accompanied by warm and colorful shades – blue, rose, green and purple are dominating in different intensities. We found something for every taste – check out what will be lightning our cold days and long nights:

Wonderful nails in purple, blue, green and pink combine with every style and all kinds of handbags!

Wine and red colors will never lose their number-one-ranking – they are classics Implementing sensual seduction they are admired by women every winter every season! And we love them too…


Liquid matallics…. And the night is yours!


Beige goes with everything! Try it and enjoy your fancy nails!

The most-loved shade all over the world! NUDE! Use and abuse it – no chance to miss

Black Pearl, Pêche Nacrée, Pearl Drop! A limited edition of CHANEL but we have good news: At Sephora’s you can do reservations


*hot tip for DIVAS: We have the best up-to-date tips for you – this spring collection of CHANEL which will appear in the stores in January! So who can’t wait to show off with these beauties – be ready to shop!

PS: Don’t forget on your daily hand cream! What’s the perfect look without fairy hands…

Now, DIVAS, it’s your turn: what is your favorite style? Which one is your favorite shade and will you try one of those new fancy shades? How do you keep your nails in perfect shape? Let’s share…




Welcome the Team Blog Divas, Bettina Schenk is Austrian, have 25 years, the our new collaborator!


Sobre oblogdivas

Julia Oliveira e Gabriela Rocha formam a Equipe Blog Divas! Duas amigas que têm muita coisa em comum! Adoramos tudo que toda mulher gosta e decidimos compartilhar com vocês idéias sobre tudo que você acha indispensável, e nem tão indispensável assim! Enjoy! EQUIPE BLOG DIVAS
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  1. EloyaBi disse:

    English Post – English coment LOL
    I just LOVE IT!
    That’s an amazing ideia the English version!
    I’m crazy ‘bout nails! OMG!

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